How To Build Your Growth Plan

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9 thoughts on “How To Build Your Growth Plan”

  1. WHERE is the link to the Google docs with the EXCEL Spreadsheet…
    I fill ou the form FOR THAT and you sign me up for your BLOG…

    Liar liar… Sorry, I am a BAD Lead if I am treated with SPAM…
    If you can’t differentiate the fields on your Simple Website … Better CLOSE…

    1. Apostle Mengoulis

      Hey Adriana,

      I get your frustration. The automated email with the link you’re asking was broken, but I fixed it. What I don’t get is why you feel so bad about subscribing to our blog. We didn’t ask for your email address so we can spam you with a sales pitch (this is not the way we roll). Instead, we try to deliver the best content possible to your inbox so you can use it in your own favor.

      If you got so offended by the content we deliver, you always have the option to unsubscribe (I include a link to do that, at the bottom of every email that I send). Unsubscribing will make us sad, but in the same time, it will ensure that our email list is compiled by people that really want to be there.

      Keep being awesome,
      Apostle 🙂

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