7 Steps to Build Brand Awareness for Your Startup

Is your startup growing or failing?

For your startup to thrive in this ever-changing marketing environment, you need to build a brand awareness and become consistent at it. Remember that branding isn’t a one-off thing, it spans throughout the lifetime of the business.

Every startup must go through the teething phase. It this phase, it’s easy for the management to get carried away, and neglect what the target audience thinks about the brand.

In reality, what people think or perceive about your startup is more important than what you think or do.

Before customers can connect with you emotionally, you must have created a level of awareness for your brand. Imagine the level of connection that we all have towards Coca-Cola—although the brand isn’t a startup today, they started from somewhere—from scratch.

Since getting the word out about your brand is critical, I want to show you the basic 7 steps you need to take to make it worthwhile.

If you’re ready as I am, let’s dive in…

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The 7 Viral Marketing secrets you’re looking for

What exactly could trigger virality is something that almost every company is searching for.

If you ask me, this is the purpose of a marketing strategy overall; to spread your product so much into the audience that it will start spreading it around like a virus by itself.

I've been heavily involved with referral marketing lately, so I came up with 7 secrets that ensure that you'll increase the K-factor of your product or service.

Shall we begin?
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11 Web Design Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization

Every website that goes online has one thing in mind: conversions. More often than not, websites measure their success by the number of people who have subscribed to a newsletter, filled in a contact form, registered for a webinar, or bought a product or a service.

Conversions, however, are not that easy to come by these days. The Internet, after all, is a pretty huge place. Competitors number in the millions, all of whom are doing everything to get a piece of the pie.

There are many ways of getting your share of conversions. Applying web design practices for conversion rate optimization is one of them. The overall success of your website may depend on the web design choices you make.

Here are some of those choices that could help you get those conversions.

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How To Build Your Growth Plan

When one starts a business, she desires to grow it to its maximum.  Growth has a different meaning, depending on the company’s goal.

This is something that needs to be defined A$AP.

Then, it’s chaos. Is it possible, from such a high-level goal, to come down to a set of tactics to achieve that?

This is exactly why you need a growth plan. Don't you know how to craft one?

We have your back! I know that this is not as easy, as most publications want you to believe, but trust me; whatever you do, success comes down to being consistent. Everything else is just tweaking.

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Growth Hacking Automation With Zapier

The New Era Of Growth Hacking Automation

Remember the time you had to do everything by hand? The time you had to take all your customers from a spreadsheet and manually send them a personal email (a template you had to copy/paste and change the name, company etc.).

Luckily, this era belongs to the past. Startuppers and people in tech don’t have the luxury of time to deal with silly micro tasks.

Not having an idea of coding could be disastrous if one wants automated processes. But life is hard, right?

NO, it’s NOT!

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10 Website Migration Tips To Keep Your Sales Safe

You made the decision. You need to migrate from your existing website to a new one.

Sounds easy, right? Just take all the content from one place and throw it to another. Sadly, it’s not so simple (although I hope it was).

Since your website has, in a way or another, been established you have to make sure that the migration will not hurt its value resulting to lower traffic and sales.

After a huge amount of website migrations for our clients (some epic fails came along the way), we came up with 10 tips that made our lives easier & kept our clients’ end happy.

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a real life example

How To Build An Inbound Marketing Stack [A Real Life Case]

This article is not in any way an attempt to convince you that you should invest money and time on Inbound Marketing. I guess that you already know its value and the cause it serves for businesses.

An inbound marketing stack works as an integrated, autonomous ecosystem consisted of lead capturing & nurturing mechanisms that communicate with each other.

This continuous communication ensures that the user will receive the suitable content (either it’s a series of emails or sales calls etc.) that will eventually convert them into paying customers.

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You Can’t Hack Your Instagram’s Growth

People use and talk about Social Media a lot. Our lives changed so much due to their existence to a level where we say to each other that we should keep our phones in our pocket and enjoy real life.

Although I don’t like social media so much, I’m very fond of the people that know how to make good money from them.

It’s an art.

Although calculating the ROI of social media is difficult, it all comes down to awareness and influence.

Personally, I use Instagram just to follow interesting people (I don’t try to sell anything), but our team has helped some accounts to grow bigger.

Most of the guides you will read out there are outdated and probably so will be this one also in the next few months.

This article has to do with what Instagram allows, how it serves content and how you can leverage those in order to build a healthy account.

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A Marketing Conference That Actually Helped Us Grow!

This is not just another article.  It’s just a recap of some awesome things I experienced first-hand in the beginning of the month.

You see, I traveled to NYC with my partner, Savvas to attend Growth Marketing Conference East and also hold a workshop about virality.

During the days of the conference, I tried to keep as many notes as possible ( trust me, it’s really hard to concentrate on your tablet when you have so many interesting people around you), and now I’m presenting them to you.

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Stay The F*ck Away From Growth Tactics

While rookies use tactics, pros use processes

So, let’s get started!

You’ve probably been hearing for tactics. People are talking about tactics, everywhere.

“I learned this great hack where you can get thousands of emails”

“Let’s do CRO to our landing pages.”

“Let’s A/B test our website buttons.”

“I heard Lead Nurturing and Lead Magnets are awesome.”

“Let’s add a referral option to our app and go viral.”

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